Open Mind Travel thrives into 2018

A quick thank you to all of our contributors and clients. Through your hard work, OMT has been able to provide content, consulting, and more to the travel industry focused on the business professional. Keep working hard and always keep an open mind!

Coming soon…. a new type of travel site

Open mind travel is a non-profit organization dedicated to a unique type of travel insight. Our contributors are working business professionals who are not tied to the travel industry.  They will provide a perspective on travel geared towards cultural & personal enrichment that will promote personal and professional growth.

Meet your contributors

Open mind travel aims to assemble a core group of working business professionals who enrich themselves through travel and cultural experience. Please email if you’re interested in becoming a contributor.

Current contributors:

  • Estevan:  Entrepreneur and business owner. Has traveled to 40+ countries.
  • Henry: Entrepreneur and real estate investor. Enjoys international fashion.
  • Jaime: CFO who attributes travel to his zeal for life.
  • Joe: Educator who uses his travels to pass on valuable life lessons to his students.
  • Carlos: IT Executive with a strong background in travel advisement.
  • Brian: Entrepreneur and business owner.
  • Jason: Pediatrician who believes travel is important to the soul.
  • Jeffrey: Medical student and former business professional who believes immersing oneself in the culture while traveling is paramount.
  • George: Business professional who enjoys traveling off the beaten path.
  • Ryan : Business professional who enjoys travel to hidden locals.
  • Alex: Entrepreneur and business owner. Prefers the backpacking type of travel.
  • Miguel: Retail manager who interacts and is passionate about meeting new personalities.
  • Erik: Doctor who is passionate in caring for his patients. He seeks conversation with doctors with similar interests in foreign countries.
  • Issac: Professional who believes travel is key to happiness, awareness, and philanthropy.
  • Mayra Vargas – Fine Dining
  • Natasha Hunkins – Fashion
  • Marcelo Gonzalez – Architecture
  • Alejo Velarde – Agriculture
  • Yesenia Velazquez – Arts & Culture
  • Grace Stepter – Specialist in the production of affordable housing and infrastructure. Grace travels to learn about how housing and community development are handled around the world.
  • Julian Razo – world traveler focused on the benefits of people to people education. Julian aims to support the local people of the countries he visits, especially independent businesses.