Meet your contributors

Open mind travel aims to assemble a core group of working business professionals who enrich themselves through travel and cultural experience. Please email if you’re interested in becoming a contributor.

Current contributors:

  • Estevan:  Entrepreneur and business owner. Has traveled to 40+ countries.
  • Henry: Entrepreneur and real estate investor. Enjoys international fashion.
  • Jaime: CFO who attributes travel to his zeal for life.
  • Joe: Educator who uses his travels to pass on valuable life lessons to his students.
  • Carlos: IT Executive with a strong background in travel advisement.
  • Brian: Entrepreneur and business owner.
  • Jason: Pediatrician who believes travel is important to the soul.
  • Jeffrey: Medical student and former business professional who believes immersing oneself in the culture while traveling is paramount.
  • George: Business professional who enjoys traveling off the beaten path.
  • Ryan : Business professional who enjoys travel to hidden locals.
  • Alex: Entrepreneur and business owner. Prefers the backpacking type of travel.
  • Miguel: Retail manager who interacts and is passionate about meeting new personalities.
  • Erik: Doctor who is passionate in caring for his patients. He seeks conversation with doctors with similar interests in foreign countries.
  • Issac: Professional who believes travel is key to happiness, awareness, and philanthropy.
  • Mayra Vargas – Fine Dining
  • Natasha Hunkins – Fashion
  • Marcelo Gonzalez – Architecture
  • Alejo Velarde – Agriculture
  • Yesenia Velazquez – Arts & Culture
  • Grace Stepter – Specialist in the production of affordable housing and infrastructure. Grace travels to learn about how housing and community development are handled around the world.
  • Julian Razo – world traveler focused on the benefits of people to people education. Julian aims to support the local people of the countries he visits, especially independent businesses.